Launcher Not Showing 4.6.0

I downloaded 4.6.0 today , took me all day with my 1mbps connection
After it finally finished 12 hours later , I noticed my 4.6.0 folder was empty
Wtf? I deleted the folder and uninstalled 4.6.0 from the launcher and prepared to download it again while I go to sleep.

After I relaunched the program , it’s opting me to instal 4.4.3
4.6.0 doesn’t even show when I click add an engine…

It seems to be showing now that i’ve restarted my computer

Issue seemed to be caused by the following events:

:diamonds:Start downloading the program
:diamonds:Turn computer off
:diamonds:Restart Computer

Never mind , turns out it’s gone again , what in hell is this things problem!??!?!

Hi Camelzftw,

Try uninstalling and then re-installing the Launcher. Perhaps your version has become corrupted.

In addition to TJ’s suggestion if you’re still experiencing this issue after re-installing could you check a few things for us?

  • Check and see the 4.6 folder again and if so, try and attempt to open the engine manually (\4.6\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe)
  • Go offline and see if you’re still not able to see 4.6 show up

Let us know how it goes.

-Max B.