Launcher not handling WINAPI messages and consuming 1 CPU core

I left the launcher running for a few days solid – when I sat down to work this evening I noticed it was minimized and unable to close or deiconify. I didn’t look too closely at it other than to take a process dump and kill it, but I figured if you’re chasing down launcher issues some time and this rings a bell, maybe it’ll be useful to see the process state.

Crashdump is currently uploading, but if you try in a few minutes you can pull it down from here. I’ll leave that link alive as long as that system’s disk has space for it.

Also feel free to just mark it closed whenever you want. I’m not waiting for any info or action or anything, just thought I’d send the (surprisingly large) crashdump along somehow. Didn’t have the symbols handy for either, so again, very sorry for the analysis-free bug report.

Hi aberghage,

Thank you for the feedback. This is a known issue that our Launcher team is currently looking into. It is OPP-872 in our tracking software. I will add a link to your post to the issue report.



If you have time, could you also post your Verbose Logs as well. It will help us track down the issue.