Launcher minimization?

is a bit random but I would think it would be very nice if you could please stop the launcher from forcing itself windowed (not minimizationable) and also when I have it as my windows focused window and then click on a different program behind it, it stays up, and I have to change to a different window through the task bar. These are some minor, but annoying settings of the launcher which leads me to constantly exiting and relaunching it. If it could be changed it’d be good, thanks :slight_smile:

I was just about to make a thread about aswell. :smiley:
Being able to minimize the Unreal Engine launcher to the System Tray in Windows(Not sure how would work on mac?) would be really nice.

What version of Windows are you using? I’m using windows 8.1 and mine is minimize-able:


Or do you mean not minimize-able to the tray icon? I know HEGI would like that, and that would be a cool feature, I’m just confused about why it isn’t possible to minimize it on your pc…

Like :

Hey Folks,

We’re working on some usability improvements along with our next release. While we wont have the system tray in place that’s a great idea and I’ll add it to out UI/Usability list for review.

If folks are still having troubles minimizing the launcher or having windows contention issues like described by WarLord please post here with info on your machine specs. I’m not seeing the issues reported but want to find out if others still are.


I mean what @HEGI meant, the system tray :slight_smile: