Launcher login error

link textWhenever I try to login I always receive an error that says “Did not get a response. Are you connected to the internet?” I have looked for solutions to this for the past three days but nothing has been helpful. I’ve disabled firewalls, put -http=wininet, made sure my ssl was checked, I’ve tried it all. Nothing works. I’ve resorted to coming here in hopes that someone has a fix to my problem I will post my logs as I’m sure it would be helpful. Please someone help me

Hi TiltedAim,

I’m sorry that you are having an issue with the Epic Games Launcher. In order for us to offer the best support, we have recently modified the process for how Epic Games can help troubleshoot your Launcher issue. Please visit for technical support, here you can find information and solutions for common issues, as well as a contact form if you still need additional assistance. Thanks!

I’ve already ran through all those processes and still nothing.

On the site, please press the “Email Us” button for additional launcher assistance.