Launcher Localization - User Customization would be nice

Since today, my launcher appears to be localized to German (in my case).
it would be very nice to have the option to set this back to english in the settings menu because I don’t care about localization in general am quite fine with english.
Additionally, the launcher is not completely localized (Community-tab ) which makes it kind of ugly (sorry).

So in short: My proposal is to have the option in the menu and for now as a “quick fix” there maybe is an ini-file or something to correct for this?

Thank you very much in advance

Hi LeFxGuy,

I believe the answers you are looking for can be found on this post:

As the poster in the other thread, if you are on auto-login (as 99% of all users I guess) you are not able to change the setting without logging you out, once. This is a small bit of an annoyance but thank you for your help in general. I would still propose to have this option in the launcher itself and not have any option in the sign-in prompt.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll raise it with the team.

Thanks for the feedback. We have a ticket to make the language switching option available after sign-in.

Thank you for all your efforts and help :slight_smile: