Launcher keeps losing link to instal

it seems if i shut of my usb-c drive that I have UE5 installed on it loses connection to the install .
My OS drive is too small to install on

pic show UE5 open but launcher saying I need to install - this is the 2cd time this has happened

Hey :slight_smile:
wich USB-C Drive do u use? So the USB-C Drive need a high Speed. Maybe trying a SSD :smiley:
Perhaps you can describe the problem in more detail^^
Best regards :v:t4:

why would the usb-c drive or usb 3.0 matter ? its a very fast drive - the issue is simple - the launcher loses the connection to the install and shows that it is not installed . The pic shows UE5 open and the launcher saying its not installed when it obviously is - it reconnected today but it keeps happening