[LAUNCHER] Issue when downloading UE 4.24.

The download was perfectly well untill about 47% progress where the speed was ~2MB/s. But after that, the speed dropped to 40-70KB/s & now my progress is 73%. Not only that, the speed become completely zero periodically.

I would like to know whether the servers are overloaded & the others are/have experiencing/ced a similar issue, or is it just me?

UPDATE: now it’s just 0B/s but very slowly downloads. Progress = 9.59GB of 10.8GB (75%)

nvm, I just waited a whole day for it to complete.

Hello, userRj

If your download isn’t completed after some time then follow these steps:

Step 1:- Navigate to link :- **
Step 2:- **Click Get Start Now.
**Step 3:- **Fill-out the Create Account form and click the Create Account button.
**Step 4:- **Read Unreal Engine End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to clicking the Accept button.
**Step 5:- **Click the Proceed to Download button.
Step 6:- Click the Download button for the desired operating system.
**Step 7:- **Once the download is complete, Run the installer.
Step 8:- Click the Install button when the Epic Games Launcher Setup dialog box appears.
Step 9:- After the set-up program installs the Epic Games Launcher on your machine, use your Epic Games account credentials to login.
**Step 10:- **Click the Unreal Engine tab inside the Epic Games Launcher Loading Screen.
**Step 11:- **Click the Install Engine button to download and install the latest version of Unreal Engine.
**Step 12:- **Choose a local for the Unreal Engine installation or accept the default location and click Install. Depending on your system specifications, downloading and installing Unreal Engine will take between 10-40 minutes.
**Step 13:- **After the Epic Games Launcher and Unreal Engine are successfully downloaded, you’re ready to click the Launch button.

I hope above information will be useful for you.
Thank you.

This is totally server issue. I think the UE support team can help you with the exact solution.