Launcher is too hungry.


For some reason the launcher menu is eating a lot of processor time.
Around 10% of CPU Usage, on a dual processor, quad core… (Intel Xtreme X9775…!)

Having the launcher open affect my performance a lot. It’s slows down all my interactions.
I have to close it, but it relaunch itself every time I switch project, it’s very annoying.
(I am wishing for a kind of popup blocker for it…)

It’s too bad, the design, presentation and functionality are great, it’s just way to hungry.

Otherwise, I love everything else, such a pleasure to work with UE4.
Bravo !



You sure it’s not something on your end? I leave the launcher open almost all day long and it only takes up 150MB memory, no CPU usage.

What could it be ?
I am guessing my computer is a little old, it was an ultra powerful beast back in 2008, so maybe it’s just that.
Running 3 screens @ 5760x1200 on a GTX690…
10Go of RAM…
Windows 7.

Really you have no CPU usage ? even in front process ?? (I have 8-10%), Even on a fresh start and computer restart.
I am just better without it anyway :slight_smile:

To my knowledge the Git version doesn’t include the Launcher, so you might want to use that one instead.

For me it uses from 0 to 10% of CPU.

I’ve mentioned this before - I see an average of 1.2% CPU usage, it may be variable depending on your system.

Stick in a comment / vote in the AnswerHub post, which also asks for background pausing on both the Launcher and Editor.

I also have usage about 10% on
MacBook Pro 13’ Mid 2012
OSX Maverick 10.9.2
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 2,5 GHz
Memory: 16 GB