Launcher install/verify loop

Hello, I recently put together a new desktop PC and when I went to install Fortnite it downloaded perfectly fine, seemed to install/verify fine but after 99% verify, it went right back to 1% install and has been at it for the past 24 hours. My drive is NTFS format, I have 192GB free on my SSD and only 1 drive plugged in (installing to my C: drive)

Things I have tried:
Restarting computer/router/modem
Turning off firewall
Copying epic games files from another computer (I open launcher and it says Install still, Launch is not an option)
Fully reinstalling Epic Launcher (deep uninstall including registry entries, %AppData%, etc.)
Shutting launcher off at 99% verify
Reading through lines and lines of code in the launcher logs trying to find out what files are causing the error (it seems to say error verifying 3 files)
Uninstall/Reinstall DirectX/Visual Runtime
Pulled/Reinserted all 4 RAM sticks
Reinstalled OS multiple times

Every once in a while Epic Launcher becomes unresponsive during the install step and I had UnrealCEFSubProcess crash one time recently while installing. I can post log files if anybody feels that will help narrow down the issue.,