Launcher ideas: Wishlist

I can’t afford to purchase all of the Marketplace items i would like to use in my game at once as i am a part time game developer like i assume more than a fair share of us are. Aside from just selfishly allowing me to be lazy about remembering the items i had once wanted to purchase (getting harder with the amount of content growing), Social sharing of wishlists means friends and family who know you’re passionatly digging into making a game can give you a motivational bump or present anytime motivating us to keep pushing forward as well as to talk about our project and wishlist like a mini crowdfunding campaign. People who aren’t good at asking for help or running a funding campaign or dont think they are significant enough to warrant one can still feel that inspirational excitement of someone saying “that sounds cool, i would buy that”

Please revise the marketplace to allow us to save wishlists of MarketPlace content.
Please allow us to share these lists to social networks (publicly available to everyone)
Please allow strangers to purchase wishlist items directly into my Epic account (any item they choose or just the next item in my ranked wishlist)
Please allow them to provide personal information or do it anonymously
and if you really want to support the idea of micro-crowdfunding (i just made that up) allow us wishlisters to offer incentives like i will run a build right now or send the last one that didnt crash flaws and all so you can instantly see where i’m at (build an NDA covering incentives specifically into the purchase Terms and Conditions)

Note for Epic to prioritize this request:
this would effectively turn us small developers trying to become bigger developers into a stream of revenue. I become a fanatical promoter of Epic and UE4. Even if I’m already in love with the engine myself, I now have a reason to talk about it every chance i get so my friends family and strangers understand what i mean when i talk about sharing my wishlist of assets for my awesome game project. How many users do you have that are not professional developers who will release a finish product or are amazing professionals but still wont be releasing anything in the near future? This creates microgoals for the developer because even if you aren’t finishing a feature cause its lacking polish or doing anything major or you want to show off a totally non functional but beautiful start to a map when you get excited you have a reason to post it on your social networks you’re advertising a peek at your unfinished but runnable build to people with sub alpha early access expectations. This sharing of what would normally be internal enthusiasm its a very powerful motivator to keep at it and push forward, to share openly and deeply the development process thus engaging a sense of community in those who have been with you from the beginning, resulting in more of us devs growing to release maturity and investing deeply in UE4 and your brand, probably for life.
“But Garza no ones going to pay 25 bucks (avg low price asset) for a broken game just to see how your unfinished feature is “almost” ready or just looks funny.”
well maybe the broken game wont be the whole reason but i bet i could get a dollar from 25 people across all of my social networks, uh i would just treat it like a game, Then again maybe Mom will do it because she loves me and thinks its cute that im campaigning so hard. Of course the marketplace explodes in sales making submitting content to the marketplace that much more profitable and motivating content producers to get more assets online for us. Inspiration. Motivation. Community building. Cash. Assets. Good people doing good things. This is an ethical revenue stream so it is aligned with your generous decision to make the engine free as a means to set us free. the development overhead for the features requested are ridiculously low especially in comparison to the potential return in both sales and inspiring your community in a new way. it is now also offically a feature request from a long time user going back to UDK3 and the pay days of UE4.

At the very least can i save a wishlist or have access to an export of marketplace data so i can build this myself?
Thank you again for setting it and us free. Lets take it to the next level and get this sizable chunk of our community the tools to succeed and stay driven so they make it to developer maturety.

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