launcher high CPU usage

Recently, I have noticed that EPIC games launcher keeps eating my CPU cycles as shown in the screen shot even when nothing is being done. I never had this problem before. The launcher and engine are both up-to-date.

This seems like a known issue (I have the problem as well). Just so you know, clicking into the other tabs of the launcher (Marketplace, etc.) will lower the CPU usage.

There was a chat about that in Unreal Slackers. A guy had made a program that kills it everytime it launches. I am not sure where you can download it though.

Thanks for replying guys. Are they aware of this issue and is there any plan to fix it? I use Visual Studio, 3ds max and Unreal editor side-by-side and this launcher affects the performance of my computer when doing so. I find it really annoying

I came to this section to say something about this issue, or more precisely a connected matter and I saw this thread existed already. The problem is actually much worse than elevated CPU usage - I’m seeing sharp spikes in GPU and motherboard temperatures. I’ve seen it jump from about 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit to almost 190 in a matter of seconds (GPU - the motherboard runs about 10 degrees lower)! I had to add an external cooling fan to this laptop or the system would be shutting itself down. Shutting it down has suddenly become essential to maintain system integrity. Not good guys. Not good at all. What could you possibly be doing that is forcing the system so hard. The editors do just fine with some spike when computing lighting but that’s to be expected.

You are already close to the thermal ceiling of most CPU’s that I know of.
Max (safe) CPU Die Temps:
AMD=~62 degrees celsius
Intel=~80 degrees celsius (If I am not mistaken), (some) I3’s ~105


AMD=~143.6 degrees Fahrenheit
Intel=~=176 degrees Fahrenheit
(since you didn’t convert)

Yeah, I know. The monitor I use goes from blue to orange to red. I’ve seen red with the loader a lot lately and I guess I need to check this “Unreal Slackers” thing to see what, if anything is being done about this issue.

Currently my CPU is running 105 degrees Fahrenheit, Motherboard 113, GPU 123, and Fan speed of 2769 RPM (42, 45, 54 degrees Celsius respectively).

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