Launcher graphics glitch


I’ve just installed the latest launcher on my work machine and am seeing some unusual graphics glitches when moving the mouse cursor over the launcher window or scrolling the view.

I’ve recorded a short clip of this on my phone and uploaded for you to see:

The machine in question is an office style machine using Intel HD 2000 on board gpu (I wasn’t actually considering using it for game dev, I installed it to check something on the marketplace).

I’ll also post this on answerhub.


Yea, unfortunately that graphics card is pretty old and not supported for the launcher. Thank you for letting us know about this issue though!

-Max B.

EDIT: You may want to check your graphics drivers and make sure they’re up to date. That might fix the problem but no guarantee.

Cross posting the AnswerHub thread for reference:

I’m just going to throw in that I have the same issue with my laptop, but if Intel HD2000 isn’t supported, then my pitiful HD1000 is definitely not supported. Hopefully I’ll be building my desktop soon…

I am running a GTX Titan X with latest drivers and the Launcher GFX are glitched for me too. (Running on OSX 10.10)