Launcher feature requests

So I reinstalled my OS and had the following issues

  1. Launcher should self register - i.e. I can re run the launcher and it will self register so I don’t have to reinstall it every time (i.e. steam does)
  2. Launcher should be able to brows to existing installed game - again I reinstall the os then the launcher, UT is still installed and still in its default location BUT I have to reinstall that too (Steam and Origin and blizzard and a few other support this)
  3. Launcher should be able to set DEFAULT location for games installs - So I do the above it then asks me where I want to install the game, I have launcher installed to a custom path, it then asks me to install to program files/programdata (not the custom dir I’ve installed the launcher to)
  4. 2 Factor authentication support - This is not the launcher technically EPIC need to do it at their backend but eventually you’ll be asking us to buy games/hats/etc from this launcher seems much safer if you implement this (steam/blizzard/orgin/humble bundle all support this)

i Wanted to ask if you could insert some features for the Epic Games Launcher.

For the View of my Library, i would like to have more “Sort by” Options, like Sort by Size, Playtime, Rating etc.
Also i would recommend an option, that you could sort Games Ascending and Descending (eg: A-Z and Z-A or Largest to Smallest and Smallest to Largest, Highest Playtime -> Lowest Playtime and so on.

And a funktion would be nice, where you could put games in Groups and/or there is a Button, whith wich you could Flag or Bookmark your Favourite Games.

And i would like to have 2 more Filers: first Filter Games which are/or not Compatible with my System
Second a Filter for non Installed Games so you only See those games, which are not Installed on your System.

I hope you could incloude those features so the Users have a more Clean look in there Library.

And for the Epic-Store:
Why is it still the case that you can only buy 1 game at a time? Why is there no shopping cart?
Is there a possibillity that this feature will come someday?

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