Launcher fails to start - Error 0xc000007b

wen i want start the launcher. This window will pop up.


Take a look at those threads and try out some solutions: https://answers.unrealengine/search.html?q=0xc000007b&c=13&type=question&lang=en&sort=relevance :wink:


As has pointed out, a number of other people have experienced this error code, and they have been able to resolve it by updating or replacing files on their computer which may have been corrupted before attempting to install UE4.

A number of users have been able to fix it by downloading the correct version of Visual Studio: ://

Other individuals have run Dependency Walker to identify the problem DLL files, and replace/update them as needed.

I am going to close this post as a duplicate. Please try the solutions provided by others. If they do not help you, comment on an existing post with your information, and we will attempt to offer more assistance.