Launcher - EULA update


During the latest update of the launcher, it ask again the EULA Agreement. Could you please highlight explicitly what change in the different version? It will ease the approval.

I know taht 99% of the people don’t read it, but it could be fair to say what change so we can know quickly what we are approuving.


Hello Elvince. We are working on a solution for this where the update changes would be publicly displayed on our website. That should be happening pretty soon, but until then here is a list of all of the current changes from the original EULA to the current one:

Unreal® Engine EULA Change Log

DISCLAIMER: The following change log is intended to aid subscribers by flagging major substantive changes in EULA amendments, but is not intended to detail all changes. Prior to accepting the amended EULA, you should review the full agreement.

EULA version 7:

• Clarifies distribution rules on non-C++ programming language integrations and the linear media royalty exclusion.

EULA version 6:

• Introduces distribution rules on non-C++ programming language integrations.
• Addresses non-transferability of product codes.
• Clarifies royalty exclusion on linear media.

EULA version 5:

• Permits licensees to distribute Premium Assets to their employees and contractors for the limited purpose of developing licensees’ Products, but prohibits doing so to circumvent Asset distribution limitations.
• Clarifies that while licensees have an on-going license to Engine Code or Assets they have legally downloaded, Epic has no obligation to continue to make such Engine Code or Assets available for future download.
• Introduces UE-Only Assets, which if so marked in the Marketplace, can only be used in connection with the Engine Code.
• Re-names Submissions as Contributions.

EULA version 4:

• Introduction of Premium Asset concept to cover paid Marketplace content. Once paid, licensees have the same rights with Premium Assets as with free Assets, but it is important to note that Premium Assets are licensed on a per seat basis (i.e., licensees can only share Premium Assets with other licensees who have already purchased them).
• Removes of general restriction on military use, but the prohibition on use in connection with live combat remains.
• Redefines Unreal Tournament Content to include Unreal Tournament game code. Licensees are permitted to use Unreal Tournament game code as part of the Unreal Tournament project, but cannot use it in their own projects.
• Adds libraries to the Academic Institution license.

EULA version 3:

• More precise explanation of when a licensee tool is considered to be based on Engine Tools.
• Limited license to use Unreal series copyrighted content to create Submissions for the new Unreal Tournament project.
• Notice of Engine Code collecting anonymous hardware and usage data from Product end users by default and sending to Epic, and permission for licensees to turn this functionality off.
• Expands Example Code definition to include Content Examples in the Marketplace.
• Clarification that using code or content with the engine, without making it available to Epic, does not constitute a Submission.

EULA version 2:

• Licensees are now permitted to publicly distribute Example Code (code in the Samples and Templates folders). This is an exception to the rule prohibiting distribution of Source Code publicly.
• Licensees are now permitted to post Source Code snippets up to 30 lines in lengths on public forums for discussion purposes.
• Adds the following exceptions to licensees’ royalty obligation:
o Licensees are not required to pay royalties on the first $3,000 in gross revenue per Product per quarter.
[INDENT]• If Product revenue is less than $3,000 in a quarter, licensee is not required to report revenue for that Product.
o Financial winnings from awards.[/INDENT]

Thanks for the updates.
Great to know that the changes will be most transparent.