Launcher energy consuming

Dear Epic Team, I wonder, what the launcher is doing here?

If I compile shaders, high load is ok. But just having the launcher with library tab open, doing nothing, eating up the load for almost one complete core, keeping the fans busy and eating up precious energy for nothing? Note: no network, no disk activity - so please, make this one less resource intensive.

Doing a test on a 12 core AMD system: one single Core 100% busy continuously when library tab is open. It does not happen, if for example News, Samples or Marketplace tab is opened. Update of launcher to 14.0.10 some minutes ago. Now the load is jumping in regular intervals between cores:

I wonder, if anyone else observes that problem. I just opened a case with, because I definitely consider this as a bug.

Support did just refer me to Launcher Support for Gamers. So I followed this. Unfortunately opening a ticket here just did result in an email:

I reviewed our resources to ensure that we are not leaving any details behind, but to no avail. I wasn’t able to find any ongoing issues related to this. I cannot guarantee any changes at the moment, and can only advice to wait for future launcher updates.

That’s not really a solution - how could fixes get integrated into future launcher updates if the problem does not get investigated at all?

Browsing the vault is only possible with blowing notebook fans - really annoying and a waste of energy.

Am I really the only one observing this and finding this annoying?

BTW: my workaround is using the “Vault” Tab on the marketplace site - this allows to view my assets, but does not allow to search within my vault to filter.

Just got an update to the launcher. Result:

nothing changed at all - as expected. Also GPU is high (not permanently).

Again, I wonder, if really (almost, there’s one vote) nobody else observes this issue. It is also disappointing, that after giving feedback to the Epic Team on the unsatisfying answer resulted in no reaction at all.