Launcher, editor & documentation localization


I’d like to know a little bit more about the actual progress of localizing the editor, the documentation and/or the launcher. It’s already on the Trello roadmap, but there’s not much information.
Regarding the documentation, it’s good that it’s in a wiki so someone can basically translate everything he/she wants to, but at the moment, localization seems inconsistent (such as naming; “Base Page_DE” or “Base Page/de”, where the latter would be the correct one) and barely supported (it’s actually just about creating pages without special i18n related features; I miss a sidebar for selecting languages).

On the launcher and editor, I searched in the source for the necessary strings, but those appear to don’t exist in the repository. I’d like to see making those strings accessible so a broader audience could help localizing the programs.

I would really like to help translating the software, but it’d help if the the necessary files were accessible :slight_smile:

Regarding the documentation, it is not in a wiki. The wiki is for community created pages. We really have no control over what gets localized there or how they do it.

The documentation uses a proprietary system and all localization up to this point has been done by our regional offices. We are currently looking at ways to open that up to more people though.