Launcher don't find subscription


I juts re installed the launcher in another location, when i launch it after login it asks me to subscribe ( i have subscription already active on Unreal site ) ?
Does someone experienced the same problem ?

In my case this happens from time to time -> I just have to restart the internet or the PC :slight_smile:

“We are currently experiencing an issue with our Launcher services. The issue you are experiencing will likely be resolved as soon as we get everything fixed.”


Thanks , this is what i found also as the marketplace also don’t display anything.

This issue should be resolved now. But please let us know if you see otherwise after a restart.

Had the same issue earlier today too. Noticed that my account says it’s cancelled while checking into the problem. Everything works fine now, but my account still says it’s cancelled. Here’s the full message:

YOUR PLAN IS CURRENTLY: FONT=Lucida Grande [FONT=Lucida Grande]- RESUBSCRIBE[FONT=Lucida Grande]You are currently enrolled in Unreal Engine 4 subscription, which gives you access to the latest tools, features and source code. We encourage you to utilize Official Documentation, Video Tutorials,Resources, Support, the Wiki, the Forums, AnswerHub, GitHub and other resources. We welcome your suggestions! Having issues? Contact us with billing or account support. For additional assistance please visit support.[FONT=Lucida Grande]If you would like to change your payment method please click cancel/re-subscribe or edit and enter in new payment information.

Hey Gooner, that sounds different from the launcher issue that we were having. Could you post a new bug report at answers.unrealengine please? Thank you!



I confirm it worked fine after a restart of the computer; all is ok now.