Launcher doesn't see copied projects

I’ve successfully installed UE4 on both my desktop and laptop computers. Rather than re-downloading huge sample files twice, I copied downloaded files in \Unreal Projects over to my laptop. problem is, as soon as launcher loads, it wants to immediately download ContentExamples (3GB) again. In Marketplace tab, it shows them all as ‘free’ instead of installed, and shows nothing in My Content list.

How can I get Launcher to re-detect content that’s already in the \Unreal Projects folder?

Hey Elyptic,

At what point did you copy projects folder over to your laptop? Before you installed Launcher? And did you move it to your C: drive’s Documents? I’m trying to reproduce this issue for you and am not having any luck so far.

I tried to be as careful as possible, installing VS 2013, then UE4, then folders. I can look at it right now, and see all of content sitting in C:\Users\xxx\My Documents\Unreal Projects, but nothing shows up in My Content area of Launcher. It immediately starts to download Content Examples, which I cancel, and it returns to launcher screen with “No content found :(”

I can hit Launch button, which loads Project Browser. Here I can see all of content under Sample Games (which includes ContentExamples, ShooterGame etc), as well as my projects under My Projects.

Hey Elyptic,

Thanks for your report! I duplicated your process and ran into same issue. team is currently working to address issues people have had with Launcher, and I have entered a report so they are aware of this issue as well.

Thanks again!

Any update on this? I have copied across marketplace content from OSX to windows and put in right folders but when opening launcher, they aren’t seen in left column. would be nice to be able to download on one machine and push across to my desktop.

Any update on this please?

Hi dokpen,

new version of launcher that was released today should fix this. We’ve introduced a new library screen which includes a “My Projects” section which will show you every project you have installed on your machine regardless of where it’s saved (as long as it’s been opened before by an editor). Let me know if you received update and if it works for you.


New launcher released today seems to detect content now after doing a ‘discovering content’ pass. thanks for fixing that :slight_smile:

actually, its seeing them as projects. would it be possible to put them in vault and mark marketplace as downloaded?

Yes launcher does see projects. It would be nice to find a way to move Epic example projects that I downloaded on another machine to vault and have them separated from actual projects that ive created. I see that downloaded ones now get put in a folder in lancher with a ‘manifest’ file that i guess is a record of it being downloaded. simply moving epic projects into that area and matching folder structure doesnt work however as im missing that manifests file which i’m guessing is what launcher want to see.