Launcher doesn't remember password


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Can anyone confirm whether the launcher remembers your password or not, for me It doesn’t.
Have tried to log in and out several times with and without “remember me” being checked but it works the same i.e. doesn’t remember.


Bug reported

It doesn’t remember my password if I log out and then try to log in again, but if I just close down the launcher and open it again it logs me in automatically.

Even if I close the launcher it doesn’t remember, that’s when the issue started to get annoying =)
Every time I start UE it keeps asking me for the launcher password.

Same for me, it doesn’t save, i usually hit go offline, b/c of it not saving my password.

Seems to be working for me now as it works for Steve_T! It remembers my password even if I close down the launcher and start it again.
As long as I don’t manually logout then it’s fine, by logging out it will clear the remembered password, which is fine because I never do logout. :slight_smile:

I often have it asking me for password, however I cannot remember if it might be related to whenever there is a new update for the launcher, as it had one today and it asked for password on launch, which might be the reason that it asks for it.

I’m mostly annoyed that every time launcher can’t find the server, it also forgets the password. Only way to keep the password saved is to kill the launcher’s process from task manager so it doesn’t get to save some state for unsuccessful login if this happens. Which isn’t really convenient way to deal with this issue.

If I close launcher normally after unsuccessful automatic login, it forgets my password every single time. This starts to get annoying when there are lots of connectivity issues to epics servers.

I think the idea behind forgetting the saved password is that if someone has had a bad login, it’s likely that the password or username is incorrect etc. But that logic also gets incorrectly applied to cases where login fails only because epics servers aren’t handling requests correctly. Wonder if people working on the launcher could change this logic?

Agreed * 100. This is super annoying, especially in the case where I have a huge 30+ character randomly generated password that I have to go dig out of my password manager every time Epic’s servers have a cig break.

+1 same here :frowning:

Yeah, I keep having the server-not-found-so-I-forget-password as my internet isn’t always stable, which is a real pain in the ****.

Launcher has gone bad again, now I have to type the password like every time I start the launcher.
Would Epic be kind to fix this issue?

Bug reported:

I also get issues upon starting up UE4 at the start of the day. It appears to happens only when I boot up my computer (windows 10).
I get an error saying “couldn’t establish a web connection”, when I press OK it goes to my login window, here I need to enter my password again every day.
See attached image. I replied on the bug as well, in the hopes Epic guys see it and fix it


This issue I think, is linked with the new “Steam/Origin” interface setup they have. If I select dock to taskbar and then turn off the PC, when I turn my pc back on it requires a password again.

If its not docked its ok.

That’s the same exact error i have (windows 8.1). Everytime i open the launcher i get that error and have to reenter the password. It usually only happens the first time i open it per session.

yea, only happens per session. Really annoying, hopefully they will fix it soon.

@zedrophode: Not sure what you mean with docking it, I don’t have it docked as far as I know of. I just have a shortcut in my taskbar as a toolbar in Windows 10.

I’m the same as WesleyTack, I only have a shortcut on my desktop, and I’m on Windows 7. Yesterday I had the issue as well, every time I started the launcher, it needed password.

Hey everyone,

A technician is assigned the the answerhub post about this login error. He’s going to check it out and look into if we have reports of this already that we are addressing elsewhere. Thank you for bringing it to our attention and filing the answerhub report :slight_smile:

3 years later… same issue… im sick of it tbh.

Well, that’s what you get when you build a launcher using Unreal Engine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, same issue for me…