Launcher doesn't remember password

This issue can be read from this thread

I’m reporting an issue about the launcher forgetting the password on several occasions.
For example somehow an automatic login attempt fails and launcher removes the password (or perhaps it was removed before attempt and therefor failed?)

Another example is if you log out the password gets removed.

And there is that when the launcher gets updated it removes the password.

Can this issue be fixed? When asked to remember the password can the launcher remember it until the user intentionally by own volition deletes it?

Hopefully this is a bug, but if this is by design then I will have to say that logging out or updating the launcher can not be interpret as if the user would like to remove the password.

I too get an error upon startup, and when I press ok it goes back to my login window and my password is gone. Need to enter it again every time I start up UE4 after a reboot. See attached image.

Just to add my information about the problem. I’m using Windows 7 64 bit, and used to get the issue every time the launcher had an update, but lately it happens every time I restart the launcher.
Btw, is it by design that it doesn’t remember password? Sure it’s nice that it remembers email, but…


I apologize for the delayed response! The password issue is currently being investigated.

It’s working again now as of this morning. I no longer need to enter any password, it remembers it. Not sure if it’s fixed for other people… Maybe an updated got installed and this fixed it already?

I’m still having the same issue. If you check remember me, it should also remember your password. It seems that its hit or miss.