Launcher doesn't lauch, NOT compatible AMD64 Vista

I found an interesting article about UE, so i just downloaded the program.
Unfortunately it doesn’t start, i did check with the Microsoft tool to analize the problem, all it say it’s that your software it’s NOT compatible with Windows Vista (i am using a laptop).
Here is a quick copy & paste of the report.

6 Incompatible Application Detected

EpicGamesLauncher is incompatible.
Fix application EpicGamesLauncher Completed

Provides steps to fix the incompatible application.

User Verification of Solution

Detection details

Collection information
Computer Name: VAIO
Windows Version: 6.1
Architecture: amd64

Hello TheRealYou,

The minimum specs for UE4 and the Epic Games launcher can be found here.

Windows Vista is not supported.

Not supported? Oh no, you are really giving me an unreal pain with that, possibly the most epic fail i had this week, anyway, thanks for answering so i don’t waste time around looking to make it work, i already downloaded “Unity” and that worked straight away, just trying to learn on how to use it now, cheerio!