Launcher does not let me start UE while offline

So today my internet disconnected for a while, and I wanted to start a new project.

I open the Launcher, see it doesn’t log me in and I click on “sign in later” (or something like that). Next I click, as usual, on the Launch button to start a new project…

And I get this “Access Denied” error (account does not have ownership):

Can this please be fixed? Because it prevents you from starting a new project when offline, and this error message looks like it’s designed for the games sold in the launcher, not for Unreal Engine itself.


Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25\Engine\Binaries\Win64

Running UE4Editor.exe brings me to the create new project screen without the launcher running.

When you install an editor from launcher, there is a huge printed , right in the face option for creating shortcut for the editor. Did you knew that?
In windows you can right click any exe and select send to, it generates an icon on desktop. It does work for uproject as well, you can simply click on your icon and it opens the project.

i have problems with the launcher also… as i have a new isp, my launcher will not download from the marketplace because it says, well, your isp does not match up… i am well aware of that but there is nothing i can do about it, i am on wifi for now… the launcher will work for regular work until i migrate assets to a new project… i’m beginning to fear that the same thing may happen like when they upgraded from ue3 to ue4…

There are many cheap VPN services to avoid any ISP issues like that.

Though changing an ISP provider shouldn’t prevent you from logging in to your Epic account, no?

yeah i have nord, but for some reason it doesn’t work at this place… i’ll get around to it someday (smile)…