Launcher Crashes, after login on Windows 10

The epic games launcher crashes on startup. I have tried uninstalling the launcher. I have tried deleting the webcache folder in Local App Data. I have tried restarting the computer. I have disabled adblockers. I have tried to use the “repair” option in Windows.

The only thing that has worked in any fashion is changing my password on the Epic website. This forces the launcher to ask me to reauthenticate. This is the only time the launcher is stable, but as soon as entering my credentials and passing the Captcha the launcher crashes again. I have attached a log file as well as a screenshot.

Figured this out. I had to go into my anti-virus program and add an exception for the Epic Games folder. The launcher works fine now.

All right! I got a response from tech support on this. Nothing in the troubleshooting helped, the anti-virus was already making an exception, and uninstalling, reinstalling, and repairing did nothing.

This is what finally worked for me:
Go to the shortcut and right click
Open the properties
In the "Target: " window append “-noautoupdate” to the end outside of the parentheses and no parenthesis of its own