Launcher CPU usage extremely high if left on Learn or Library tabs

Opening the launcher and leaving it on Library or Learn will max out a core, even for hours, and heavily delay opening projects over navigating to the project in the file system.
Community and Marketplace see minor to null CPU usage.

This has already been reported for Win8.1 ([4.10.2] Creating (!) a dynamic material instance resets material assignment on instance - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums), but i have three repros on W10 systems - and since 4.10, it has started slowing down project opening.

This might not be the answer you want to hear (it’s a work-around)…but… just minimize the launcher and you will see that its much lower CPU utilization in task manager… Yeah, its something they need to work on, but at least you can get your cores back when its minimized. Please marked resolved if the minimized launch


That does not work, and does not fix the launch delay.
As it stands, the Launcher’s functionality is enormously inferior to just using shortcuts to your own projects.

Its worked for me and others… see other posts here on AH. When its minimized the CPU utilization goes back do to near zero percent. Just checked again and it indeed reduced the CPU utilization. Obviously, you’ve got another issue. Anything in the logs?

Just tested, tabbing out doesn’t work.
Hitting the “minimize” on the launcher itself seems to, though.

Also, it’s not like i pretend this fixed or anything, i’m just doing a bug report.

Hi Aureon,

As Teak421 said, many users have reported that minimizing the launcher reduces the CPU utilization. This is a known issue and is being worked on and should improve in future versions of the launcher.