"Launcher chat need Offline button"

I think the new chat needs an ‘appear offline’ function. If I add ppl and don’t want to shut down the launcher and neither chat with anybody I feel obligated to answer nonetheless if Im talked to. Unfriending for that target cant be the solution :stuck_out_tongue:

add ‘invisible’ option and it will be better than steam already.

well and a nickname option I don’t play UT as password1lol

Another feature request for the chat is to enable some kind of alert when you receive a message. Right now I am not seeing new chat boxes pop up and they hide behind the window I have open by default. I use 2 monitors and put the launcher on my secondary screen, so it is possible there is an alert popping up behind the window open on my main screen that I haven’t seen.

Best alert for me would be flashing the taskbar icon a couple times and make it turn yellow, similar to the way Skype works. I keep finding a chat hidden behind my work, it would be nice to not need to apologize for the delay on each new message. :wink:

+1 for the suggestions.

A “busy” status would be also very useful. :smiley:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback. I have entered a feature request, UE-11949 to be considered by the development staff. In it I included the suggestions located here as well:

Not to sound entitled, but it’s been 3 years and I still don’t see these features.

I have a little cousin who badgers me to play fortnite and sometimes I prefer to just play solos. I’ll set it to “Away” but after every match, Epic’s friends system sets it back to online. I know this might be a game-specific issue but an “offline/invisible” feature would be nice.

why is it not implemented yet… after 3 years? I want to play solos without others joining on me or see me online…