Launcher can't install engine

Hi all,
I got a problem with my launcher. A while back I had to reinstall my windows. After having my windows reinstalled, I reinstall all my other programs including the UE4. But after installing the launcher It was said that I had no engines installed. In the library tab in the engine slot at first there was the install button for the 4.2.1. I pressed install and it said please wait for a while but then change into the 4.1.1 install button. no download progress for the 4.2.1 was shown. I pressed the install button for 4.1.1 and again like the 4.2.1, it said please wait for a while then change into the 4.0.2. Again I tried pressing that button and then no engine installers where available. Just to clarify things, no error message was shown. I’d really like an answer to this and have an engine installed soon.


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. We have assigned this to a member of our support staff for investigation, and they will follow-up with information or questions concerning this issue as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you.

A few additional questions:

  • Was the UE4 Launcher working properly before you reinstalled Windows?
  • Are you behind a network proxy?


Thanks for the replies, the problem kinda fixed itself. I re-downloaded the launcher installer and re-installed using the newly downloaded one and now it all works fine. Don’t know what was wrong before but if it helps for future reference, here’s the log.

Thanks again

We are behind a company proxy and can’t install it either (launcher installs fine though; clicking on any version of the engine yields nothing).
I’m with Kmuszy13 from this thread: Unreal engine will not install - Installation & Setup - Unreal Engine Forums