Launcher cannot open projects in its library

Recently, I have setup Windows 10. And installation of Launcher(recent version 7.5.0) and Unreal Engine 4.18 and 4.19 has been done. When I double-clicked to open my previous project in my library section, there appeas pop-up message, " There are no connected programs. Make a connection to the program". However, at the folders of the projects, I could open them. What is the matter with Launcher? Please help me.

I have the same issue now with a new install of Windows 10 and UE4. Opening a project directly in the folder works fine, but not via the launcher.


This was a bug recently discovered, we are working on a fix.

In the meantime could you try this workaround:

1.) Goto your launcher install directory, then drill down into Launcher\Engine\Binaries\Win64
2.) There you should find UnrealVersionSelector.exe. Right click and create a shortcut for this.
3.) Right click on the shortcut and hit Properties.
4.) On the shortcut tab of the properties window you should see a “Target” field. Go to the very end of this add a space at the end if there isn’t one, then add /fileassociations
5.) Click ok. The window should close.
6.) Right click on the shortcut again and select Run as administrator. A dialog will likely pop up asking for permission. If so click yes.

Let me know if this sorts you out.

Thank you for the confirmation of accord. Let’s wait for the next version of the Launcher.

It works for me now with the newest Launcher Update.

Resolved! Thanks to the answered staff.

Works for 4.20.2 as well.