Launcher bugs ....

I posted this report a while back: [Launcher] Unable to install Low Entry plugins after installing 4.12.4 - UE4 AnswerHub and I was advised to contact Epic through help center on the website. I did, and Epic replied that it’s a technical issue that has to be addressed on the Answer Hub. It was addressed there to begin with :eek:

Can someone please look into it?

Oh, and I have another report that I sent to Epic through the website, but never heard back (97.23% of time I can’t connect to servers, so I can’t neither update UE4 nor update/download content, including plugins and basically I am forced to work offline). I’ll resend it today and will post on Answer Hub + here.

Thanks beforehand

Just saw Epic replied to Low Entry plugin bug report :o Thanks Epic!

Now as I promised, here is another annoying bug I have been experiencing: [Launcher] Waiting room failure WR-0001 - UE4 AnswerHub

Thanks beforehand