Launcher becomes unresponsive


I have been trying to get the latest version of the preview but part way into the download the launcher becomes unresponsive and then this starts effecting all other programs I am running on my PC. Even when I try to force close via task manager it locks up for ages. Of course if I restart the process the launcher has dumped the download so I have to start from fresh again (Which seems like a missing feature TBH)

I am not sure why its happening, looking at task manager the CPU usage on my cores seems high but not enough to lockup other processes. The memory seem normal but it does look like the network is doing nothing so its not longer communicating with the server.

I finally got a full download, but I kept pausing the download and restarting it when its seemed to drop off. At one point it did lock up briefly but the download was on 0 kbs so seems like the network drops are doing something funny to the launcher.

Hi FelixoMars,

I’m glad you finally got the engine downloaded. If this happens again or if you would like to investigate the issue further, please take a look at the ‘Launcher is Unable to Download Content’ section of the troubleshooting guide linked below. If nothing works, follow the 10 steps at the bottom of the link and post your Verbose Logs. They will help us track down the issue.



Thanks for your help. If I see the issue again I will try to capture more info.