Launcher always struck at "Download error. Retry?"

In my first day, I encounter “Download error. Retry?” in the launcher, I click retry and the engine downloaded and work alright.
Yesterday, meet this message several times but able to launch it after 4-5 tries.

But for today, I keep try and try and try but it always show this message.

  • I tried Hotfix but encounter other problem, something along the line “magnifest QFE3 not found”, nothing fixed…
  • I have no problem accessing any website ( and included)

Here is the launcher log

Here is my system:

  • Unreal Engine 64bit
    • Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit
    • Core I5 4670k
    • Ram DD3 4GBx2
    • Nvidia GTX770

PS. I think answerhub should accept .txt as attachments


Hmm, looked over your log but it seems mostly ok, let’s try logging out a bit more information to see if we can track down the problem. Can you edit your “DefaultEngine.ini”, it should be here: “c:\program files\unreal engine\launcher\engine\programs\noredist\unrealenginelauncher\config” and add the following section to the end:


Then run again and post your logs again, if you could zip up the entire folder, that would be great. Thanks, and sorry that you’re experiencing these issues.


Edit as you said. Here is all the logs.

Today, I encounter something new
(touched nothing since yesterday and no parameter in launcher shortcut)


“Retry” take me back to this same dialog but “OK” take me to launcher home.

FYI: Launcher version said 1.0.0-2033053+++depot+UE4-LauncherReleases

Hi, it looks like you can talk to most of our servers fine, however you’re getting “No Response” when talking to our CDN. Can you try this URL in a web browser and see if you’re able to download the file?

I’m unable to download the file using my browser.

However, if I change protocal from http to https, I can successfully download the file.

Is it a problem with my ISP? Should I contact my ISP?

If I try to open, I get an 404 Not Found, which is quite ok. But try opening will get no respond.

Download using also work for me.

OK it just working now without reason.
BTW, Thank you for your support.