[Launcher] Allow Vault content to be stored in a custom folder

With the new 22 GB Kite Demo it’s hard to keep a clean SSD where I can keep UE4 + my project files. I am running out of space with my Vault taking up more than 50% of my SSD space. Could we place re-locate the Vault to a custom folder upon download?

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve added this as a Feature Request for our Launcher team.



Hi Tom,

In the meantime you can create a Symbolic Link as a way to move the VaultCache to another drive.

You'll need to run command prompt as Administrator. Here's What I did on my machine:
C:\Windows\system32>mklink /D "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache" "D:\Temp\Unreal Engine\VaultCache"

Now when I download new content from Epic it’s actually stored in the VaultCache on my D:\ drive but the Unreal Engine Launcher accesses those files using the path “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache”


You can also just copy the folder somewhere else and only move it back to the vaultcache folder when you need it, restart epicgameslauncher every time you add a new vaultcache folder manually.

Better yet create a .bat batch file that takes in a folder name and moves it from E:\VaultCacheBackups{foldername} to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Launcher\VaultCache\

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Hi TJ, is there a bug ticketing system that you use that where I can follow the progress of this feature request?

In the mean time, is the mklink solution recommended by Unreal?

Hi Benxtan,

I don’t believe there is a public facing system for our bug tracking, however I can tell you that the task for this work has been started and should be set for release soon. We are likely talking launcher version 2.8 or 2.9.

In the mean time the mklink solution is a viable solution however it means that you are taking the responsibility for your data out of our hands. If you are comfortable with using symbolic links then it is a perfectly viable and robust solution, however I suggest you research the concept before diving in.

Our company has 600-700 hundred items in the vault… its so badly organized.
It would be awesome to have folders!!!