Launch options blueprint nodes - various issues?

I’ve discovered there are now some blueprint nodes that we can use to access the commandline and parse options:


  • The “Get Command Line” node is working.
  • The “Has Launch Option” node will find a launch option but only non-key-value options e.g. it will find “key1” if -key1 is in the commandline but not if -key1=value is in the commandline.
  • I can’t get the 4 nodes at the bottom to work at all. e.g. the “Has Option” node - If I pass the return value from “Get Command Line” into the “Options” input, and set “In Key” to key1, it returns false (while the “Has Launch Option” node returns true).

Is there a special way to use the bottom four nodes? I can parse the commandline manually as a workaround but it’d be convenient if these juicy-looking nodes worked :slight_smile:

The lower four seem to be geared toward parsing parameters given in the connection string (i.e. url ) and it needs to start with a question mark (and be separated with question marks, apparently?)

There do not appear to be any other blueprint-exposed functions regarding the command line (esp. WRT parsing) as of 4.16.

Actually, I couldn’t even find the blueprint equivalents of the FParse::Param() functions either…