Launch on IOS build successful, but not showing on iphone

Im trying to lounch my game on iphone, everithing seems to be ok, buil successful, message says “deployment complete! open app on your device to launch”. But that app doesn’t show up on phone.

So i installed older version of itunes and problem solved.


I’m having the exact same issue, but I cannot find anywhere to download the previous version of itunes.
Where did you find it ?

maybe here, i do not remember, just googled it

Do you remember what version you installed? I’m having the same problem on 4.22, but the release version and not the preview.


My issue is allso with the final release. I’m sort of anxious about downloading iTunes from any other site than Apple’s.

Did you resolve the issue? I was unable to install a older version of itunes.

yes it’s worked for me, im using version of itunes