Launch HTML5 in editor

I’ve seen people mention that they can launch their HTML5 games from their editor and I cannot for the life of me find this option anywhere. Is this only available through the Github version of UE? Currently all of my packaged HTML5 projects crash in the browsers (I’m using a 64bit browser ) with different errors. First it was memory related, so I increased heap size, then it gave me Assertion failed: Cannot call unknown function on_fatal (perhaps LLVM optimizations or closure removed it?).

I’ve read that other people have gotten their projects running even on 32bit browsers through the editor (since it uses less memory I guess) and at this point I really just want any running version so I can see if it works properly in HTML.

Hey did you read my last post in this topic: 4.8.0 HTML5 package error - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums ?


What does your HTML5Engine.ini file look like? Do you have Emscripten 1.25 installed or a higher version? We’re having trouble with Emscripten 1.30 at this time, so it’s best to stick with version 1.25.