Launch failed on Android device after converting to 4.10

After converting my project to 4.10, which built and deployed on all my Android devices fine in 4.9, I can no longer deploy to Android. I can successfully launch standalone games on my (windows 8.1) PC though. I’ve checked that all my paths under Android SDK are good too (SDK, NDK, ANT, Java). The same error has occurred on multiple devices that previously built successfully. I assume there’s an issue in the project conversion somewhere.

Below is the output log:


Let me know if there’s anything else I can provide to help in identifying the bug.
[1]: 67668-ue4_10_androidcrash_11_22_15.txt (1.99 MB)

After looking more thoroughly at the log output, I noticed it was coming across an error trying to use ‘android-19’ to build. My issue seems to be resolved after changing the NDK API Level to ‘latest’ (found in Project Settings > Platforms > Android SDK). I have now successfully built on devices using 5.1 and 6.0.