Launch failed for android

Every time I try to launch my level on my android I am getting a launched failed text

In the log I see the following line:
[aapt] C:\Users\whate_000\Desktop\Partiality - Copy\Intermediate\Android\APK\bin\AndroidManifest.xml:1: Tag attribute package has invalid character ‘[’.

Did you use the [ character in the name of the app or in some other field of the manifest? Could you post the file linked above?

link text

Apparently the project is named “[ScaryMaze]”. Double-check the settings to see where the [ comes from:
<manifest xmlns:android=“” package=“com.KAPPS.[ScaryMaze]”

That was exactly correct . Everything working good as far as that. I have to figure out why some of my trigger boxes do not work on mobile play but on engine play.