Launch error Ancient Game UE5

When trying to load up the Ancient Game on UE5 I recieve the following error message when launching the game:
“This project requires the ‘InstanceLevelCollision’ plugin, which could not be found. would you like to disable and continue? If you do, you will no longer be able to open any asset created with it. If not, the application will close.”

If I click “yes”, I recieve the same error for the following plugins “underscore”, “uproar” and “soundscape”

Go to epic games launcher and download again in outher folder. Project name must be ValleyohTheAncient , not Ancient Game

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same thing happen to me. i restarted my pc because the launcher was stuck on “preparing” and got the same error. go to UE5, click get sample again, and wait for the preparing for like 20min-1hr then it should work.