Launch Character, two inputs get confused x, y, z values when launching

Hi. So I have 2 inputs for my launch character blueprint (attachment). With an “Inputaction Jump” it is supposed to lift off and go slightly to the left (its a platformer), gradually accelerating, and the same character with an “Inputaction Forward” is supposed to lift off and go slightly to the right, gradually accelerating. The character falls when released.

When testing, both of these blueprints work fine in separation until the other one is pressed. When I start mixing inputs, try to maneuver my character, both get overridden with a single launch parameter, like blueprint instantly decided to blend both x, y, z values in to one, (make and average, because it hovers and doesn’t move left or right?) and assign it to both inputs to be the same. So I get two buttons doing the same thing, even thou they have different values assigned.

I have experimented extensively, even built separate nods for each input to return to zeros when released, but nothing helps. Am I overlooking something?

simplify it first.
make a key… like h and when you press it it simply launches.

Try this

press H > launch char UP (only up not forward) > delay(0.1) sec > launch char FWD
(two launches instead of one)

play with the delay to play with the timing. See how that goes.

Well that worked, thanks! I have reduced the delay to make the action smoother. Still don’t know why the previous variant did not work, maybe a bug? Well the most important thing is it works now.

if you want to attempt to make it work with just one launch

do something like

get up vector > timesit by float of 300
get RIGHT vector > times it by float of 600 (negative float for left launch)

add the two vector results together
push that into your launch and see how you get on.

I have an outgoing problem on this launch blueprint, which is two button combo, which doesn’t work all the time.

My original plan is: Hold left - accelerate flying left, hold right - accelerate flying right, Hold both left and right, accelerate flying up vertically until released.

It seems to work when tested, but from time to time the game would ignore the command of holding both left and right, and would not go up, but chose one of the actions left or right even though the text on screen shows that both buttons are pressed, but the player would not go up (feels like a random critical fail)! This is completely random and unexpected, I cannot find explanation in earlier threads. I’ve been experimenting searching for solutions, but it feels, that increasing delay reduced the problem just a little bit maybe?