Launch Character function only works in one direction


I think I may be misunderstanding how the arguments for the launch character function work, simple as they seem. When I use the function to make my character dash to the right it works just fine. However, when I try to use it to make my character dash to the left by inputting negative velocity, the animation starts happening in the leftward direction but then stops and the dash happens, and only partially, to the right. I couldn’t upload a video unfortunately as the file was too big, so I hope this description is sufficient.

The attached photos of code show the custom events I am using to try to make this functionality work.

In case it is useful information, dash right is left shift + D and dash left is left shift + A. I also think I may be misunderstanding how to bind two simultaneous key presses to an action, so I attached photos of how I did that as well.

Obviously I’m very new to this!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My computer has issues so I can’t click on your images, but to address some of the things you mentioned in your text:

-You wanted to know about binding to shift + button. Assuming you are using an action mapping, the correct way to do this is in project settings inputs. You can simply check a box to let it know that it requires shift as well as the listed button. :slight_smile:

-If your launching is inconsistent, you may not be overriding the previous velocity. The override check boxes mean that it sets everything to 0 first and then proceeds to launch your character with the exact velocity you input. If you don’t check the override boxes, then your current velocity at the time you launch your character will be taken into account (and may counteract part of it).

Thank you so much! I’ll try putting the images directly in the comment here. I do have the boxes checked. The goal is to make dashing to the right happen both when I press left shift alone and left shift + D. For dashing to the left, I want to bind left shift + A. The only thing that I can see is not working is dashing to the left, though I suspect that dashing to the right with left shift + D is not working either and what I am seeing is just the result of hitting left shift alone.

Well, if you think the issue might be the keybinds you can test that out pretty easily. Bind the launches to just regular keys with no shift/alternate buttons. Then you can test if the launch works correctly in this situation (it will verify that keybinds are the issue).

On the other hand, if the launch still fails the same way it does with the shift + keys, then you will know something else is the issue.

By the way - I have confirmed that neither left nor right dash do anything, just the dash that is bound only to left shift w/o any directional keys

Oops - your comment didn’t show up when I replied. I have confirmed that they are the key bindings. I bound both to the arrow buttons and they worked fine, the problem happens when I try to bind two simultaneous key presses to one action

hmm…that’s weird that their own keybind system wouldn’t work when they implemented it right into the project settings.

I’ll go test in my own UE…

Thank you so much. I was worried that that Shift checkbox didn’t actually mean what I thought it meant (selected key + left shift)

Okay, after testing it, I have come to the conclusion that the shift + key binding absolutely requires you to press shift first and then A/D. If A or D is already pressed down and then you shift, it doesn’t work.

Does that sound like the problem you are also having? If we can narrow it down to this one thing, then we can figure out how to fix. :slight_smile:

That works! When I press shift first then directional buttons it works as intended. I am going to try to find a way to get that to work in reverse so that I can have the character moving along the x axis and then smoothly transition to a slide in the direction of movement, but for now this has things working. Thank you so much, this was driving me crazy!

np! Have fun with your game. :slight_smile: