Launch android from editor stucks at splashscreen

  • I have started a new project in ue4.22
  • configured project settings for android (configured keystore files, some optimizations such as these
  • Did some small things (created a gamemode, inserted a pawn etc. nothing fancy)
  • Launch the game from editor via USB to my phone (also tested with other phones)
  • Game packages successfully and states: “Running”
  • The app starts on my phone, but is stuck at the splash screen.
  • When I build the game, and I install the APK manually on my phone, the app does not get stuck at the splash screen.

What to do?

Hope someone can help me out.

Same Problem Here

Have you found any workaround for the issue?

I have reported an official bug report at Epic Games. Hope it gets solved soon, or get presented a viable workaround.

Solved it: Disable cooking on the fly when launching from editor in the project settings under cooking.

Hope this solves your issue as well.

Have a nice day.