Latest work in progress on a new tutorial

Figured I’d post a teaser screenshot of the latest tutorial I’m working on. Should be good fun, the tutorial is about the EQS system and the new AI Perception Component in 4.7.1

I’m going to extend this tutorial later on to incorporate the flocking code I’ve been doing as a request. You’ll understand why when you look at the shot :wink:


Yes! I need this now. :smiley: Can’t wait for it bro. :slight_smile:

Very excited to watch this one myself! :slight_smile:

Got to do a few animation blueprint tutorials first (student needs to work on it so those take priority), then I’ll get on with these. Plus I really need to re-rig the sheep because the **** legs are horribly deformed when they animate right now :slight_smile:

Will you post the tutorial link here or will you post it elsewhere? :slight_smile:


I’ll post it here and probably a few other places (@zoombapup on twitter etc). You can follow my youtube channel ( and it should let you know when it goes up too.

Noice!!! Cant wait!

Thanks for doing this zoombapup, we always need more AI stuff. :smiley:

For the people viewing this thread, I had a long email exchange with Mieszko the other day. There’s a bunch of stuff changing in the AI codebase so I wanted to know where was safe to start doing tutorials and where I might want to hold back a bit (or do something myself). The short answer is that EQS is definitely fair game for tutorials. APPerception is likely to change a bit, but probably worth doing now. Hotspots aren’t ready to check into main yet, so no point in starting to think about that yet.

You also might not know, but Epic recently hired John Abercrombie (AI guy and lead from Bioshock Infinite), so they now have some more AI experience, although I suspect John will be more involved as a lead rather than an AI guy.

As a community we really should all be giving Epic a hand to help evolve the AI toolset a bit more. I feel really bad for Mieszko because its hard being the one guy doing what a small team should be working on. Especially given his involvement with Fortnite and all.

I’ve got plans to incorporate some of my own research into the engine for everyone to use. Either as plugins or as a pull request. But I feel like there should be some more community effort involved in actual AI “tools” rather than specific technologies (i.e. whenever anyone talks about AI they usually talk about decision making systems of some sort, rather than design tools for making better AI).

Which also reminds me! Did you know that John Abercrombie did the AI for Swat4? My game Police State is sort of mass effect meets Swat 4 :slight_smile: So I asked him how the Swat4 AI was created and he told me it was a lot of designer donkey work! :slight_smile:

So yes, a lot of AI tutorials incoming. But I’m going to try and get some time to work on a set of designer-oriented tools to extend the engine a bit. Maybe test them out as plugins then submit them as a pull request into the main engine. Just not quite enough time in the day (plus I’m coming down with another bloody cold right now).

I’d like to help out the AI effort, albeit I’m not that verse into AI, and still spending most of my free time on Linux UE4Editor (still not there yet but really really close :slight_smile: ).

Blasted cold I say!

Oh wait, but then you don’t have to go to work and can stay home and make more AI tutorials!!!

Ah who am I kidding, whenever I feel sick I only want to sleep and nothing else, so stay put and get lots of rest. Also, take some honey (non-pasteurized) every morning, too. :slight_smile:

I usually manage to shrug cold’s off (as an educator you get them all the time), but the last one kicked my … for a few weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve recorded half the material for a quick overview of the animation system today. I want to get that up tomorrow then I’ll be doing another couple of animation handing tutorials before finally getting back to the EQS/Perception, but that should be up by the end of the week.

Hey! Not trying to rush you or anything, but how’s it coming along? :slight_smile: Also, thanks for the EQS tutorial! Very helpful! :slight_smile:

Turns out that the AIPerception component is still a bit of a work in progress. I’ve got most of the example done, but I want to wait for 4.8 before I finalize the video because its likely to change a bit and it would just confuse everyone when they couldn’t find the node or the node was missing a pin.

SO in the meantime I’m working on some AI for my game and updating the AI Extensions plugin to handle more stuff. Plus I need to finally get onto the cover point generator.

I’ll be putting up a few videos this week though. I recorded one last week but didn’t actually like how it turned out, so I’ll redo that and put it up.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Not trying to rush you but 4.8 Preview or 4.8 Final? Lmao

Hey I’ve been doing a bit of own digging into the code for this. I’m happy to help out with the testing and extending the tool for the AI. I’m particularly interested in making a realistic hearing sense system. I just posted some of my current questions and ideas in the answer hub: AI Sense Hearing Question - UE4 AnswerHub.

Just saw that 4.8 preview is out. I’ll download it tonight and see if I can finish off the tutorial with it. I’m hoping its got the needed changes in that version.

4.8…pffft. You really ought to move to epic/master, that’s where all the action is. :smiley:

Well, I DO look at that every now and then, but in order to get out tutorials I kind of have to wait until your average dev can use them, so the latest release is pretty much leading edge (especially preview releases).

Honestly though, I sometimes feel like just making my own fork and going with that, but that would kind of rule out doing tutorials for the everyman user :slight_smile:

It’s not that hard to run your own fork…I mean I’ve been doing it for a year now. :slight_smile:

Benefit is that you can accept PRs into your fork without having to wait for Epic. The drawback is that PR code might not become part of Epic branch, although you could always end it in yourself.

The trade-off might be worth it, if you want to focus on AI, for example. winkwink* :slight_smile:

I agree its not HARD to fork it. But then I’d have to make sure people had MY fork before they could use my tutorials, which is a big ask really.

I’ve been discussing doing some for-pay AI tutorials and the like and sticking them up on gumroad with another tutorial makers. If we ever do decide to go that route then it would make sense to use a custom fork for that as then I could add value with my own AI additions. But honestly I’d rather we spread the love a bit rather than try and make money of this kind of thing. Personally I think education should be free, but then we all have to earn a living somehow right? Plus my co-creator has a kid to feed :slight_smile:

BTW: AI tutorials will come AFTER Meiszko’s done his thing on Tuesdays training stream. Better to hear the stuff from the horses mouth at least, then we can go over more usage scenarios in my tutorials.