Latest version of Unreal Engine which works with VS2013. + Problem with creating project for VS2015

I have to work with Visual Studio 2013, which version of Unreal Engine I should use?

I also installed Express Visual Studio 2015, but when I am creating C++ project there is an error. It is impossible to use Unreal with Express?

Hi georgydunaev,

The latest released version of the Engine (4.10.1) will work with Visual Studio 2013, but you will need to build the Engine from source code. When you get to the step to run GenerateProjectFiles.bat, you will want to do so from a command prompt and add the -2013 argument. This will create a Visual Studio 2013 solution for your Engine. Please keep in mind that we do plan on eventually phasing out support for Visual Studio 2013, though that is waiting for some issues to be resolved.

With regards to the error message that you provided, that appears to be something that is caused by the installation of Visual Studio 2015. Somewhat surprisingly, it appears that the necessary C++ common tools are not part of the default installation of VS 2015. You have to specifically include them when installing Visual Studio (in previous versions of Visual Studio they were installed by default). If you want to continue trying the Express version, run the installer again and update the installation to include the C++ common tools (I am not sure if this is even possible in the Express version). Also, make sure you are using the Express for Desktop version, as that is the only Express version that will work with the Engine.

Alternatively, you could take a look at the 2015 Community version of Visual Studio. This is essentially a free Professional version of Visual Studio (make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure you can use it, but for most individuals and small groups it should be fine). Once again, you will want to make sure to include the C++ common tools when installing it.


By default I don’t believe Visual Studio Express or Community editions install C++. You have to go to the advanced install options and select it.

Also, Community is a much better version of VS to install as long as you can live with the license limitations.

re: VS 2013, you can use the latest version, but you have to download the source code from GitHub and build it yourself.

UE4.9.2 and lower works with VS2013 Community fine.
UE4.10 works with VS2015.

But maybe you try like kirk.clawson said to build from the newest github source with vs2013 for me worked vs2015 .

I got an error message very similar:

So, just so I understand this right… For my VS 2013 Ultimate, I would need to open it… New project-- >Templates–>Online–>GitHub!!!