Latest Version of UE4 4.22 For Mobile 2D?

Just wondering before I download as my current project is in 4.21, does the latest version is any better for Mobile 2D Game?

In terms of, sizing friendly, easier to deploy to Android or iOS, etc.

Thank you.

Skim through patch notes, search for mobile. See if there’s anything relevant.

There are 2-3 hotfixes, too.

Thank you for the reply Everynone!

I took a look into the lengthy patch notes. It was still quite vague in my area of questioning. And I was looking for more of a by experience kind of review from anybody who is in a same direction. Should have wrote the question better.

I won’t be able to help with anything tangible then, my mobile experience with UE4 is elementary at best. Never shipped anything substantial. Sorry.

Consider dropping the question in the Android / iOS subforums - surely frequented by folks with hands-on know-how.

But the general rule of thumb is that if your project is in mid-development, the time is of the essence and there’s no must have, critical functionality in the new engine version, you should not update.