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Sorry for this latest noob question. Artist/animator attempting to create game!

Getting the following error: “Idle animation to Walk animation will never be taken. Please connect something to Can Enter Transition”. How do I fix this? I am just trying to get her to be able to walk and idle while the game is playing. She responds to the w,a,s,d keys, but just “slides” around, if you know what I mean. I made the character in iClone 5, and also imported the walk and idle animations from iClone. I use Unreal 4.12.5. I’d really appreciate it if someone could tell me specifically how to fix this, as opposed to “Go watch such and such series of tutorials”. I am taking Udemy courses on both the Unreal and Unity engines, and went through 14 Unreal tutorials just to learn to animate something in Unreal. I get hung up a lot though, because I am very right-brained, and this is very left-brained stuff. In an ideal world, I would be creating the art and animation for this game, while someone much more competent would be handling the game development!

                                                                                                                        Thanks much,

                                                                                                                           Bill Carey

One step after the other buddy. Take a look at these first:
thatll kickstart you into whatever it is you are doing. Give you the basics of all this statemachine gibble gobble.

I appreciate your trying to help, but I was following those exact tutorials when this error occurred. I’m not blaming the tutorials, especially since I needed to substitute iClone motions I imported for the Unreal motions, which changed up the blueprints a little. What I really need is for someone to take a look at the resulting blueprints, and give me very specific suggestions for fixing the error. Evidently I need to add something.
By the way, for some reason, I am not able to click on and bring up my attached photos here. You can click on them and view them, right?

Doubleclick on that white circle with the small black arrows inside and add a rule. The statemachine have to know when it should be allowed to take this path. This could be some variable like “IsJumping?” or some other condition like timeratio of a current playing animation.

I would recommend to create a third person template project and take a look into the animblueprint of the mannequin. He’s able to idle walk run and jump. Doubleclick on all that white circles in the anim blueprint of the mannequin and take a look into it.

If your character just slides over the ground then it means that your animblueprint does not have a clue when it should do something and when not. You have to use some variables to drive your anim. You already have some variables (as the screenshots shows) like “Speed”. Now just do something with it. For example you could add some rule in that little white circle in your statemachine like Speed > 0 then take the path to the walking state and create a further path backwards like speed == 0 then get back to idle. However usually if you blend between such states you could create a BlendSpace (outside of the animblueprint) and put your idle anim and your walk anim there. If you have just idle -> forwards you could create a Blendspace1D and prepare some variable input like “Speed”. You have to choose a min/max value for your speed input in the BlendSpace (when it should idle and when it should start walking). Afterwards open your AnimBlueprint and choose the Blendspace instead of a single animation in your statemachine and connect your speed variable to it. If you have more than forwards or backwards but even starfing left or right or sidesteps then you could create a Blendspace2D (like you would do if you create a combat animation where your character aims with a rifle and always is facing into the direction where he’s aiming).

Thanks. Will try!