Latest Launcher Release Notes


For the latest Epic Games Launcher release notes, please visit the Epic Games Store Roadmap on Trello, and view the Client notes in the **Releases / Patch Notes **section.

The above post contains the release notes for the most recent Launcher version. All subsequent posts are for past updates leading up to the most recent.

4/2 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.0.0-2037110:

  • Added support for downloading new EMS content while the Launcher is running.
  • Add support for deleting EMS data when the file has been deleted from the launcher service.
  • Set more realistic timeout values for users with slow connections.

4/3 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.0.0-2039063

  • Fix for frequent crash on exit.

4/22 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.1.0-2052916

– Install multiple versions of Unreal Engine side-by-side

  • Use the Launcher’s new Version Selector drop-down to choose which version you want to install and run!
  • COMING SOON: Version and content management improvements.

– The Unreal Installer and Launcher are now localized for Korean and Japanese
- For the launcher you can select a language in on the login screen.

– Enhanced Marketplace
- Marketplace items can be selected in the editor, and displayed in the launcher marketplace
- Marketplace items can be queued while the Engine is downloading
- Launcher Marketplace pages now show download size.
- UI size information now displays with decimal places.
- Added support for marketplace content versions

– Other Updates
- The Unreal Engine Windows installer will now use the user selected install folder as the location where the Unreal Engine folder will be created
- Support Showing/Accepting EULA inside the portal
- Cancelled automatic downloads will not resume
- Users can uninstall the engine through the launcher
- .uprojects can be associated with engine versions installed through the launcher

–Bug Fixes–

  • Unreal Engine installer will now inform users that are installing on Windows 7 if they do not have SP1 installed
  • Fixed an issue preventing Unreal Engine shortucts from being removed from the desktop on uninstall in some cases
  • Fixed rare issue with being stuck on “Syncing your account”.
  • Fixed self-update ignoring empty files.
  • Fixed an issue causing a failed installation to start all over again rather than resuming from previously successful files.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a failed data file download could cause the install to never finish.
  • Fixed Mac Launcher crash on close.
  • Fixed download size indicator to support showing the compressed download size rather than uncompressed size.
  • Fixed some UI issues with progress percentage information

4/24 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.1.0-2054669

  • General bug fixes

5/6 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.2.0-2064046


  • Feed

  • The feed is your one stop for all news and stories

  • New pinned stories to highlight important updates. You can dismiss them by clicking the pin Icon on each story.

  • Link Consolidation

  • You can find links to lots of content documentation and other info all located in the lower right of the launcher.

  • Content Management Options

  • Mouse over any of your content and you can choose to uninstall or verify

  • Improved Startup speeds

  • We’ve modified how and when the launcher calls for content data to improve start-up time

–Bug Fixes–

  • Launcher no longer will restart the UE4 download process from the beginning if it was closed during the “Installing” phase
  • Fixed a number of localization bugs for Korean and Japanese
  • The Launcher should now always restart after self-updating on Mac
  • Fixed a number of inconsistencies with downloads and content in Offline mode
  • Fixed a problem with the installer failing for Win8 and Win 8.1
  • Not of enough disk space? Good news the launcher checks ahead of time now.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not choose a download location on Win 8.1 due to default UAC permissions.

5/9 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.2.1-2068268

–Bug Fixes–

  • Right-click uproject options do not work on Windows
  • Launcher becomes unresponsive when updating from 1.1.0-2054669 to 1.2.0-2064046 with UE_4.1 and all 4.1 samples downloaded

5/22 Release Notes - Launcher version 1.2.2-2080581

–Bug Fixes–

Opening a project from the Launcher will no longer skip the update process

**6/4 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.2.2-2093649

–Bug Fixes–**

  • Sample content that has changed project names will now be able to be opened through the launcher
  • Fixed Auth token expiration time - This bug could cause users to lose their connection to online services and no longer receive self-patch notifications or feed updates

6/17 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.4.0-2106925

FAQ and Known Issues

  1. Why does Marketplace not display contented I previously downloaded as “Installed”?
    With the previous version of the launcher, all content was downloaded directly into a project which you would modify directly. With the new launcher, content is separated into Vault downloads vs. Projects. You can continue to use previously downloaded projects, however Marketplace does not recognize previously downloaded content until you re-download them into your Vault.

  2. Where did these new projects come from?
    Content downloaded with the previous version of the launcher created one project per version of the engine; however, in My Content, the launcher only displayed the content specific to the version you had selected. The launcher now shows all versions of all projects in one location. In addition, the My Projects section displays projects created from the editor or complied from GitHub. You can easily delete any projects you no longer need to eliminate clutter.

Introducing the Library
With today’s release of our launcher we’re introducing a new layout and new section for all our users.
We’ve moved the top navigation elements to the sidebar and freed up space for the content display on the right. First let’s look at the new sidebar changes.


Quick Launch
The new quick launch button can be used to launch installed versions of the editor. Click on the drop down arrow on the right to switch between engine versions
We’ve removed the “My Content” section and shifted the navigation elements to the sidebar.
Feed - This is still the default tab that shows all the latest and greatest news about Unreal Engine.
Library -This is the new home for all your content. (More on that shortly)
Marketplace - This is still where you can download awesome content samples and other items we make available for download.
As always you have quick access to a variety of links to more information about tutorials, the Unreal Engine roadmap, AnswerHub and a ton more.

**The Library


Clicking on the Library tab brings you to the new home for all your engines, projects, and downloaded content.


Engines - At the top is a list of all installed engine versions. You can add, remove, and verify your engine installs all in one place. This does not include includes engines you may have in a Perforce repository or those you have compiled directly from GitHub.


My Projects As a core part of the launcher update, we have separated the Marketplace downloads from your active projects. My Projects display all the projects you have created via the launcher as well as those you have made in the editor. Open projects into the editor from here. Clone a project or remove a project from the launcher.


Vault - The vault contains all the items you have downloaded from the marketplace. You can quickly create new projects from the vault as needed. The vault allows you to easily remove or update vault items without worry of impacting projects you have already created.

Marketplace - The marketplace has had some tweaks to support the new library system. A key update is when you download sample content for the first time a new project will be created for you automatically to open up and start exploring.
The Nuts and Bolts**

  •      To keep things simple in the launcher, projects have a small indicator of the engine they are associated with.
  •      The launcher will respect that setting when opening the project.
  •      If you want to open a sample in a different version of the editor:

o Open the engine version you want to use and open the project from inside the editor. This will update the engine association for the project.
o Pro-Tip - If you are testing out some new features go ahead and clone the project first so you hold your working copy to the side while you check out the compatibility in the new version.
We believe that this new version of the launcher will greatly enhance your experience with using the Unreal Engine. Please let us know what you think of the new launcher and if you have any feedback or suggestions for the future.

6/18 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.4.0-2108050

–Bug Fixes–

*]User should now see the newest download of an engine version instead of seeing older versions (for instance, seeing 4.2.1 instead of 4.2.0).

7/2 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.5.0-2124385

  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Enhancements for future feature releases

7/16 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.5.1-2214492

–New Features–

  • Support for Preview builds of the Editor

–Bug Fixes–

  • Users should see the newest download of an engine version instead of seeing older versions (for instance, seeing 4.2.1 instead of 4.2.0).
  • Fixed an issue creating projects with the 4.3 Editor that could cause a crash
  • Various Bug fixes

9/3 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.7.0-2282482


This is without a doubt our biggest release since launch, the highlight being the new community driven marketplace. This new marketplace not only allows you to get ahold of all the free content we’ve been providing since launch, but opens the doors to content provided by our community of developers.
But that’s not all! We’ve introduced a notification system to let you know when there are new engine versions available, updates to your existing versions and content, as well as when downloads have completed. We’ve also polished up the engine slot system for easier management of multiple build versions. You can view this all in the Library tab.
For our Mac users, we’ve made some performance enhancements to be less of a resource hog when not the focus. We’re not done but we hope you have a better experience compared to previous versions.
As always, please let us know what you think of these new changes. We look forward to your feedback and will continue forward with more improvements.


–Major Updates–

  • New Marketplace experience! Download free content and purchase content. More content to be added often.
  • Notification system – The launcher will let you know when new engines and content updates are available as well as when downloads complete. Click to dismiss.
  • Engine Slot update – No more ghost slot. Add new engines by clicking the + symbol.

–Other Notes–

  • Download images on demand – We’ve moved a lot of the startup downloads to be on demand which should greatly improve start up times.
  • Launcher Border is now off-white. We have removed the white on white camo.

–Bug Fixes of Note–

  • Mac users now receive a warning when downloading samples to a drive with insufficient space for the first time
  • Using the Remove option from an engine drop down will now prompt the user for confirmation before removal

9/23 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.7.1-2304152

–Bug Fixes–

  • Fix an issue where a user could crash when clicking on newly added content within the Marketplace if the Launcher is not closed and reopened first
  • Fixed a memory leak on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the Launcher could show Subscribe instead of Download when the Launcher is open and new content is made available
  • The Launcher will now minimize when the task bar icon is clicked.
  • On Mac the Launcher will correctly re-launch after clicking the update notification and after the Launcher updates.
  • Log files will no longer rapidly increase in size when unable to find a file

9/30 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.8.0-2311636


  • Added more descriptive text for vault cache/launch button at startup.
  • Enabled cloning projects on Mac.

–Bug Fixes–

  • Fixed potential crash when updating the vault cache with an invalid app name.
  • General bug fixes and usability tweaks.

**10/8 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.8.1-2322947


  • The version of the engine associated with preview builds will now display in the engine slot.
  • Changed “+” sign to “+ Add engine” for clarity

–Bug Fixes–

  • Fixed some issues where User Access Controls (Windows) would block users from properly installing
  • Various bug fixes

10/22 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.8.2-2335841

–Bug Fixes–

  • Fixed an egregious memory leak in the Launcher
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Engine version could be downloaded if a previous preview build had been installed
  • Fixed a bug where images were being cleared on data refreshes

11/6 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.9.0-2350904


New! Learn Tab

This release introduces the Learn tab which provides a one-stop shop for all the great learning and training resources available to Unreal Engine users. Includes:

  • Global search bar - Looking to learn more about a specific item or feature? The new search bar will help find what you are looking for.
  • Quick links to videos, documents, and our Wiki.
  • Features articles and examples.
  • Learning content - We’ve moved various learning content out of the marketplace to the learn tab to make them easier to discover.

11/7 Release Notes - Launcher Version 1.9.1-2352264

–Bug Fixes–

  • Fix for not being able to click on the first selection from the new search bar