Latest DevKit crashes while 'Discovering Assets'

So basically the title speaks for itself. I updated the Ark Dev Kit a few days ago, and since then, it crashes on the TestMap after about 30-40 seconds. It starts discovering assets, but at the 1/10th of fully discovering them, it stops, keeps trying for a little bit, and then it completely dies. I can’t even copy the crash report, 'cos even that one freezes. I clicked on Verify in the Epic launcher, didn’t help at all. Any ideas?

My Dev Kit always crashes on close, and routinely crashes other times. Deleted files will comeback, so I have to move them to a special TRASH folder and leave them there. I have done a full uninstall, delete local files, & re-install. You can try deleting local files that you think are causing the problem, but otherwise a full delete and reinstall is all I can tell you.