Lately, iOS Shipping Builds have been hanging

Lately, while we’re able to use PIE and deploy directly to device from UE4 or Xcode, we’re having a problem where Package Project-> iOS just won’t finish the build process most of the time. We don’t get errors, the build just sort of hangs. It’s not always at the same spot, and there’s not a lot of indication or feedback about it except we stop seeing stuff in the Output Log and the UE4 process stops taking any significant processing power.

It’s reached the point where it’s preventing us from getting our test builds out the door. It’s happening on four machines for two developers and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. The first build of the day today went beautifully. All the later ones hang at different parts of the process.

It always gets through the C++ compiling, but where it freezes after that could be anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes into the build.

I’m seeing the same issue and also on development builds. This is new on 4.9. The build doesn’t fail but stops processing any more assets at random times. It seems like it commonly hangs during the add to pak stage, but I’ve also seen it hang during cooking and texture building. I’ve found that I can eventually get a build made if I restart the build several times, but that is an incredible waste of time babysitting the build to see if it has hung.

I am also experiencing this - only when building on the mac and targeting mac or ios.

Seems to hang indefinitely during the packaging process, about 80% of the time.

If I keep retrying it eventually works.

It’s happening on two different machines for me - a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. Another team member experiences it on his iMac, but not on his Windows machine. I’ve also seen a similar hang when launching large projects (Infiltrator, Shooter Game) for the first time. Force quitting and re-launching (sometimes a few times) usually works eventually. Same with building. Keep building and eventually it works, but if you’re on a custom build, that’s a LOT of time getting wasted.

I think I might have a lead on what’s happening, at least in my case. I’ve been launching the editor from Xcode, which uses the Debug version. When I launch the non-debug editor and build, it seems to work without hanging, so it’s probably getting caught up on an assert somewhere, though I saw no evidence of one in the logs.

Could you guys post some logs even if you don’t think they are showing anything? I am not seeing this locally on any Macs, so the more information I can get the better.