[Last Update 24.10.2015]: Recreating The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Movement

UPDATE: 24.10.2015 | Whole thread update

Hey party people. 10 months later, i went back to my idea of using big parts of the traditional movement of Link from the Legend of Zelda.
But i’ve redone all the movement stuff (not all, but a lot already) and added bow+arrow.

More to come, but this won’t be a direct recreation. It’s more like i’m using the idea behind it for a new game. Why? Because i love these movements.


So, here is a small sneak peak on what i already made. I may update the thread from time to time if i have a big new update.

Please keep in mind that this whole thing is not about the Models or Animations! I’m a coder, not an artist. I’m using Mixamo Models and Animations
to get visual at all. So excuse me for these ugly animations. At least they work :smiley:


Hey guys,

thought i would post the small thing i started.

I want to remake the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time movements.

So the targeting system etc.

Reserved for Updates.

Don’t mind me, just going to follow this thread.

(: Hey,

yeah im currently working on the Camera System. Got it nearly working. Need to implement wall collision (since SpringArm isn’t suited for the whole setup)
and the Z Button that flips the Camera back. Also the automatic lerp to the standard camera position if the character isnt moving.

Don’t know if i will update it today, but cerntainly this week. (19.12 Holidays woooho!)

If someone has a question (and yes, if you are a beginner feel free to ask everything!) just post it. I can provide you with Blueprint Screenshots (:

I make a bad double post here to tell the guys who are interested that i updated the thread with a new Update. Will remove the double post later. (:

See first Posts for Updates.

Waiting on these gifs to load is killing my browser tab

:smiley: Lol really? Sorry on that! They are 14-22 Mb big. Maybe that’s the point.
Next time i will upload a video on Youtube. Tomorrow i have holidays. Then i will
try to get the combo system etc working. If this is done, i will make a video.

60kbit/s upload is the worst >.<

Hey there,

i totally forgot about this thread here (10 months old :D)

Since i’m back to the roots, i started the thing from scratch and will update the thread
with new and big things from time to time. For now, visit the updated first post for
a new video and more information.

looks great! How do you plan on doing the lockon system?

Wen will this game be available to the public