Last Metro

i’m making a game called Last Metro, i’m looking for assets to this horror game(More info about the game below). And i need some assets for making a spooky house.

Game info:
Name: Last Metro
Genre: Horror
Estimated play time of game: 4 hours
Story: The game is about a person who just woke up in a metro, the person is seemingly homeless, the metro is old and crumbling, stairs are broken. Light’s are flickering. Floor looks ok, old railroad tracks, some missing on the way trough the tunnels, blood on benches and walls, old yellow lighting. The person keeps walking trough the tunnels and old metro, seemingly coming no-where. But, suddenly a stair appears, by now you already know that something is wrong… You walk trough up the stairs, shortly after… Realizing that you are standing on a street made of gravel, and about 500m from you there is a old dark wooden house, and it is storming… You go on this street and find yourself wondering how the hell those stairs could have let up to this house… Put upon further inspection the stairs are gone, and long behind you is a city… “Huh, that must be where the stairs was” you thought to yourself. Now, you are very close to the house and you can see the details, the walls are broken, and some of the house isn’t even there. It’s getting darker by the minute and you can hear wolfs howling and it’s storming… “I need to get shelter” You thought to yourself, and ran inside the house… The door closes rapidly behind you.

  • RockArtZ

Please help me with some assets so i can finish the game!